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Way of life

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PostWysłany: 21 Mar 2011, 17:0 Temat postu: Way of life

came to this almost before it for their own strange cities have some days, but there are some bones are not suited. Here, a strange environment, unfamiliar people, the original communication circle is almost immediately reduced to a man himself, though now a lot of my colleagues know, but the original circle of friends really hard to trace, and where no number more than a few friends also encountered the same thing. Entrusted the welfare of this situation every day walk in the office and staying in place , nothing less than to and from work, although he is trying to go to expand the scope of Jiao Wang, but the results largely not of their own about.
a few days ago and a few friends to chat , learn their stories: a friend and his girlfriend [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], although the original to the point where gonna get married, and then flee the field, eventually finding a few places; a friend to give up intention to go abroad, perhaps to give up, suspension of business at home. Life is always so flow, and always so full of unknown and unexpected. I remember a friend's girlfriend before seen, that is if they paint like glue, both parents are also said to know each other [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and marriage have been identified, but I do not know why the current point. A friend gave up after a job before, although there are some gaps and at home, but later determined to study abroad under the plan, and schools and abroad set the time base.
asked about the status of the two friends to this reason, it is surprisingly got the same answer: not want to say, do not ask. I do not know from them over the life of what kind of misfortune when , in short, the situation is now beyond my expectation. Life is not so easy, why so difficult to guess. Heart will always be inadvertently produced a strange feeling, but I do not know sad or happy. In an increasingly regulated days, let the axis of life from our bodies on the wheel run over, do not give birth to a little pain, as this day, only by an empty hole in the body of the driver [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and has long been thought to be life crushed, hollow and pale.
we are all one way or another [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], or, or to, or proud, or lost, or hesitate. Each person will be playing a different role, or parents, or children, or partner, or subordinates, or superiors, or friends ... Each character is so difficult, each character is so difficult to be recognized. Everyone in their life shows a different look, the way of life of their own.
everything is always unpredictable, there will always be something you only imagine not imagine not the beginning of the end, for others the world you may only be bystanders A, Lu Renyi, but This is all for himself, I think this is the way of life .

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