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Beloved , you and I gradually diverged

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PostWysłany: 21 Mar 2011, 17:0 Temat postu: Beloved , you and I gradually diverged

on the distance, there are too many interpretations.

distance can be near the horizon if the distance is right close to Cape

distance can I stand beside you I love you, you do not know the distance can be a two

parallel tracks, never to be away from the intersection

I was not born when I was born old

or because of to public opinion, or because of the mind, or for years, or persistent, or suffering, or sadness, or pathos, love too much interval derived species Oh.

-------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------

This is a real story.

this does not matter the distance he and she, now, he and she, too, drifted away.

Before this, there is a root of 2 and 2 for the square of the legend.

---- pointing them to school when the teacher, the students love, but almost two roots, 2 and 2, the square root of 2, he saw too many examples, they are not possible, they will not have any results. . . May be treason, may be persistent, it could be something else, which has no argument, but it is like a curse, they went so far as regards the way with never flat. Of course, it is impossible to attribute any unpleasant all this, and if all summarized here, on the one hand science, on the one hand biased, one clumsy.

he said, now is the annual college entrance examination, he reminds me of.

still remember the case of the phrase on the hard work and sowing the head [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], then the same period of time, such as robots. The long years of waiting, he and she are ambitious, unrestrained, can begin after the college entrance examination, do not other effort, you can ban them together. At that time there is no mobile phones, after going to night classes every day, riding a bike home in a booth halfway house, he always familiar to Chase by a number, dial the other side of the phone, lay it nagging, yes , very familiar. Feelings to the side of the phone until she was happy, happy he strange, energy increased sharply.

of course there are other, look in the eyes of others millet Chen sesame rotten thing, he regarded as treasures. For example, the recovery

milk milk bottle of Message in a Bottle.

is no doubt that this was a hard happiness.

so they vow to maintain each other, they look each other in their own way, until after his entrance.

God, and she opened a big joke, the first month of college, he changed.

him to the train station to pick her up, it was her first visit to his school. At KFC, he asked her to show his new cell phone, in fact, have mobile phone without waiting for him again in a phone booth, and then having no sense of shame to occupy the quarters telephone. Just then, she invented something, they froze. just about a message. . . Since then they have more than one world, with much of the story, they call numerous times because of this many times into a quarrel. A day later [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], she said, her tears flow, we still need more water than drink. Extremely mournful phrase, then burst into tears as well say this scene, so to this day he is still helpless when beginning to lift.

. . . . . .

Hsi Mu-jung said that you love someone, we should meekly to be her, really sheltered her heart.

However, both promised each other as two people can not tolerate the existence of a third person, can not tolerate the other half feel lucky darkness. Yes ah, indeed the case, so what is love? ! Sometimes even he despised himself, he is such a person. Meanwhile, he is a very stronger person, he does not enjoy her unhappiness over the past always referred to the old, because it touched his low self-esteem, shame this has no land, so why remember it again. Or he can not yet ripe to try to shift their own fault. He tried every means to supplement, but as she said, hurt even better [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and also there will be scars, mirrors broken, how restore the status quo but also it?

she blame him, blame him snatched her sense of inferiority.

sometimes he can not stand, he would rage, then attributed to quiet. Empty one day he thought, she no longer care about the condition that he pursue his love for her excited him, people are not saints, with a forgiving heart to get along. Of course, this is his idea of ​​Bale. Themselves do it? She do it?

. . . . . .

go the world's most urgent, is the most beautiful time, when you think of me, but also the most time I think you

old-fashioned, but it is sentimental.

he could not feel about everyone your neighbor's feelings, not from the two conditions if ye in the day and night in a long epiphany Shiyou more, because from the little poly, and this seems to be a good event. Yes ah, two people together, stay together, slowly growing old does it mean not a good idea? Eyeful of the stars looked wan smile sometimes, time flies age range who sadly missed too many good old days. No doubt is the choice of memory, animals, things of the past, we unconsciously retained a happy and wonderful stuff, and nothing more, let's be clear conscience imperfect things forgotten reason that everyone is always so wonderful over the last chant , the fact that mediocrity in the future so confused. Sentimental people since ancient times which are fickle in the past time!

would help if she has this predicament, how wonderful.

would like to explain the meaning herein from fathom [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], your hand, old age together.

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