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Its All About Astrology Online

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By : Maria Rocelyn
Submitted 2011-03-16 05:27:36 It’s All about Astrology

Astrology has been in eyes for ages in the world. There is not any doubt that people do take help from the study of this science by many ways and means. The Astrology derives from the Greek word which is called astron and it means star and logos. You can say in other words that astrology can be the study of learning the behavior and attitude of stars. This language of stars can tell us about the relative position in particular celestial bodies on the earth.
There are different concepts and myths about this type of science. You will come across different astrology’s found in the world under the same sun. These all are playing a pivotal role for man and his life. They all have weight in them.
We can know in depth by having a look at the different phases or types of astrology. These all are important and particular types of this science. These are known as;
Western astrology
Chinese or East Asian astrology
The third one is Jyotish or Indian astrology
A Step towards Western Astrology
It is such an astrological system that has been in the limelight of Western people and their countries. This phase of astrology is mainly practiced in regions as Arabia and Europe for thousand of years. In this astrology, the position or location of the Sun is determined from the Earth. This Western astrology and concepts are still working in these countries, and people are taking advantages from the learning of this science.
A Second Step towards Chinese or East Asian Astrology
Chinese astrology is concerned with some traditional side of astronomy in this science, and it is connected with calendars. It is not the same as Western astrology as it doesn’t consider the position or location of the Sun or the Moon and any other planets at the time of origin. It closely connected with the Chinese Philosophy which includes their harmonies in the world and known as heaven,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], earth and water.
Last Step towards Jyotish or Indian Astrology
This astrology is based on some Sanskrit bandhu which is related to the Vedas. This will help in understanding the binding amidst of the inner world and the outer one. This Indian astrology works and depends on the bond between the microcosm and the macrocosm. Microcosm refers to like the life on the earth while on the other hand, macrocosm refers as the universe.
These are all important and significant types of astrology, and they have been working for ages in the world. People are very curious about knowing their future and with the help of astrology they can be aware of circumstances happen in the future. Now, you will be in the position of knowing the world through the hands of astrology. With the help of your zodiac sign, you can get knowledge of your star very easily. There will be easiness for you to know the trait and personality of not only yours but also other people.

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