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Beats by dre including hip hop and RnB

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The Tour Beats by Dr Dre comes with a nice little package that includes 5 sets of replaceable tips for best fit, and a protective little carrying case for storing your headphones in that is actually quite useful. The Tour Beats lend themselves especially well to the style of music represented by Dr Dre himself, including hip hop and RnB, but also sound really well with more rock-ish music, as the bass is very clear and strong.
Monster Beats by Dr Dre Solo headphones
Win a pair of Monster Beats by Dr Dre Tour in-ear headphones
The Beats by Dr Dre Studio headphones does not only provide that filling bass sound that so many like, but also a very crisp and clear sound listening to classical music, folk music, and pretty much any other range of music i was listening to while trying them out. Based on my experience and likes when it comes to music and sound, these Beats definitely gets a big thumbs up, and the fact that they do look quite iconic and stylish is a big plus.
Although the Beats Solo does not have the same bang as its big brother, the sound is still very impressive and precise. In fact the main difference that i picked up where down to the Solo headphones not being able to block out ambient noise in the same way as the Studio model, given that they sit on the ear instead of covering the ear completely.
If you are not prepared to shell out for the top model Studio Beats, then Monster Beats by Dr Dre have provided you with an alternative. The Beats Solo headphones feature the same folding design, but is slightly smaller and feature a more compact driver, as well as the controltalk function on the wire that allows you to use the Solo as a hands-free kit together with your iPhone or other compatible mobile phone.
There is no doubt that the Monster Beats by Dr Dre are the headphones to use and be seen wearing these days, but are they just about image and coolness or do they actually live up to the hype that is generated around them? I had to find out for myself, and although i’m not a sound expert or audio technician, I am sharing my review with you having tested three of the Monster Beats by Dr Dre headphone models; the Tour in-ear headphones, the Solo headphones, and the current top model Studio headphones - and on top of that we are giving away one pair of Monster Beats by Dr Dre Tour in-ear headphones to the person that comes up with the best comment as to why they deserve the iconic headphones, and retweets this article (see bottom of article for more details).
The Monster Beats by Dr Dre Solo headphones are available in both black and white, and according to the website there is a (red) Solo HD model coming out soon, which is sure to become a popular model as well.
Anyone who has watched either MTV or sports channel lately would have seen musicians, sports stars, or moviestars wearing these iconic Monster Beats headphones by Dr Dre. Just the other day I was watching NBA Action on ESPN and Lebron James was sporting a pair of Monster Beats by Dr Dre headphones as he was walking out to the team bus after dropping 40+ points on the opponents.
Check out our page of iPhone headphones reviews.
For some reason the Beats by Dr Dre Solo headphones are a bit harder to come by then the Studio ones, but you can buy them for £150 from Amazon UK.
Monster Beats by Dr Dre Tour in-ear headphones
Like we mentioned earlier we are giving away a pair of the Beats by Dr Dre Tour headphones to a lucky reader of this post. All you have to do to be in for a chance to win is leave a comment on this post explaining why you should get the Beats by Dr Dre Tour headphones + you get an extra entry if you retweet our post (just make sure to include @iPodDanny so we know you have given us a tweet). Remember to include you email when posting a comment as we will notify the winner by email.
Compared to other in-ear high end headphones though the Beat by Dr Dre Tour headphones are good value for money. The sound  is very good and they look very stylish and different than many other headsets out there. You can buy the Beats Tour model for £120 from Amazon UK.
The competition Beats by Dr Dre Tour headphones are a review model which means they have been used for about 10-15 hours but are in perfect condition and comes in the original packaging. No replacement, warranty, or guarantee of quality will be supplied with the product from our end.
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Of course all this glory comes at a price, with the Monster Beats by Dr Dre Studio retaling at £220 from Amazon UK.
The new range of [link widoczny dla zalogowanych] products which was revealed at an event in New York at the end of September included their first ever iPod speaker dock in the Beats by Dre Beatbox, as well as a few new additions to the headphone range, with the big one being the LeBron James Powerbeats.
Update! Beats by Dre reveals their new product range
Despite weighting in at around 270 grams they are very comfy to wear even for long periods and moving around. The earcups are designed to be comfortable and completely enclose your ears to lock out ambient noise. Their active noise reduction is very effective in blocking out unwanted sounds when listening to your music,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and by flicking a little switch on the headphones themselves you can all of a sudden hear what it going on around you. One of the best noice cancelling headphones i have ever tried.
Now, i have tested these both when travelling and i have tried running with them, and if there is one issue with the Beats Tour model it is that it sometimes feels  a bit big for in-ear headphones,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], making them slightly less comfortable while doing activities such as running.
Update! The competition is now over and the winner is Jayden Sarker. Congratulations,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]!
Monster Beats by Dr Dre Studio headphones
These are the flagship model at the moment in the Beats by Dr Dre range from Monster, a company known for delivering quality audio cables,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], which we can kind of see in the robust red cables that comes with these headphones. The whole ranke of Beats headphones are aimed at giving you as close an audio experience as to that you would experience in a studio, and without having that first hand experience i have to admit that the sound picture did impress me from the first test.
The Studio Beats by Dr Dre comes with two separate cables, of which one includes a wire control with a microphone that can be used to answering calls etc. when paired with your iPhone 3GS or any other compatible phone. There is also an adapter for use on flights, and a nice Monster Beats cleaning cloth to ensure your headphones are always shiny.
For those of you that prefer the in-ear headphones instead of the larger headphones, Monster Beats by Dr Dre have the Tour high-resolution in-ear headphones model as well, which still provide the iconic red flat wire that does not tangle itself up and its slightly unique design, guaranting that you will stand out from the in-ear headphone mass market, that also includes the traditional iPod/iPhone headset.

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