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Love is not romantic

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PostWysłany: 21 Mar 2011, 17:0 Temat postu: Love is not romantic

A word, the most serious mind is not easy to say, sometimes because it is too fake, and sometimes because it is too true.

not romantic love, love between the sexes is the most serious thing. Flirting is easy, love is heavy. Affair but a body of the game, or the feelings of most of the game. But the true love comes [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the soul because of the fear and trembling with ecstasy.

love [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], not romantic, because it is the soul of the story. True love is the soul and the soul of the encounter, physical intimacy is only its results. Regardless of the maintenance time is long is short, so that the most solemn encounter, the two sides of the soul will be deeply shocked. On the contrary, in the affair, the soul is not really there, feeling just a little spot of flesh seasoning. Love is not romantic, because it very seriously. Because of this, love is always faced with the risk of failure, if it fails again next six deep trauma, the trauma and may even permanently,. Who put their heart and soul into love each other and are each filled, once the end of love, they often have a feeling of being hollowed out. Affair but the real success or failure does not matter, put very little, so very easy to quit also.

Love, not romantic, because it is actually very humble. Love is a passion and dedication, love a person, reception irresistible urge to want to her (him) what to do, to make her (him) happy, and definitely do not ask for return. The delight of those who love being in the dedication, he has created in the joy of being beloved. Ion is the most obvious love for the youngest son of parents, by extension, all true love should be so. Can be used to measure the standard sense of love between men and women in the proportion of true love, fills the rest is just lust.

love, not romantic, because it requires an extra detail. Love is a desire to know and love a person, it will not help to think of her (him) all, to her (him) and feelings experienced by all as the most precious wealth of acceptance over, carefully protected. If you're a heterosexual for a very close relationship, but you do not have this desire to understand, then, I bet you do not love her (him), just between you and a romantic cause Bale.

love, not romantic, because it is sweet, although still suffering, ecstasy can make people heartbroken at the same time is a heaven and hell. As Gibran said: Although it is your culture, it also cut you. Although it rose you to your highest point, and caresses your tenderest branches that quiver. It is also down to your roots and shake your roots all the joints, so that you return to the earth. fled. Therefore, in this increasingly utilitarian relationships, superficial age, true love seems less and less. Some people asked me cynical: In the relations between the sexes, people seem more and more pragmatic [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], more and more handsome of the.

Perhaps modern living really tired, so unwilling to give love with the weight of its own, but prefer to keep relations between the sexes in the garden for a relaxing entertainment; may really look too modern through, so unwilling to accept the futility of love, torment, and would rather not face the emotional heterosexual world. However, love will not escape the emptiness of modern spiritual life, a sign it? Love was originally a gracious both body and soul, materialism in general restlessness, people still have time to focus on their own soul, how can cherish With affection and appreciation of another soul to find it?

However, despite the true love may indeed be the price people pay a piercing, but it will be unforgettable people harvest. To avoid the cost of greater love. Like ten thousand erotic fiction can not fill the If men and women no longer trust and care about each other between the soul and body close in vain, the soul is always strange, they have truly become the land of the souls of the homeless. Adam and Eve not to each other if there really is not even count on the truth, they were driven out of such is the real Garden of Eden.

love [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], not romantic, because the air flow merely mediocre, love is priceless.

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