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An Exploration of Styles for a Female Artist

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PostWysłany: 22 Mar 2011, 11:0 Temat postu: An Exploration of Styles for a Female Artist

By : Clifford Baxter
Submitted 2010-11-11 14:08:49 There are six local artists and they will demonstrate their individual approaches to animal painting in a program that a museum is holding in conjunction with its animal friends exhibit. Every artist is required to create an animal theme painting in the museum galleries and then share information with the visitors pertaining to the style and techniques they used to capture the image and spirit of the animals in the paintings. In terms of people from different cultures and backgrounds, they have special meanings for animals as mentioned by a museum's executive director.

When it comes to spiritual symbols there is the buffalo and doves as signs of peace. Cherished friends are signified by dogs while red tailed hawks represent good omens. When it comes to animals, from petroglyphs to cave murals to oil paintings to jewelry they have been the subjects of artistic endeavor since the beginning of time and continue to be favored all around the world.

What this female artist considers herself to be is an avid explorer of ideas, styles, and techniques. Considering her methods, they were developed over a long career of teaching, consulting, in workshop presentations, and publications. She is a founding member of a local society of watercolorists and is in the west's who's who.

Another female artist,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], originally from southern California, studied art and watercolor before moving to her hometown in 1983. People and animal portraits are some of the themes she works with together with landscapes and floral studies. Her aggressive use of pigment not to mention her ability to push the watercolor medium into works of unusual size without sacrificing the brilliance of transparent watercolor can be attributed to her style according to the director.

One of the artists studied at the art center of college of design in Los Angeles not to mention another famous college. He was a graphic designer when he was in Chicago who has experience in national exhibits including the national watercolor exhibition in environment. Each one of the artists will be creating presentations and publications in local and regional venues as well as in Springfield, Illinois.

There was a period of study at the University of California in Los Angeles for the fourth artist following a graduation with high honors from New York's school of art. At Washington school of art's 12th annual competition was where she was awarded the best of show. A reviewer described her work as giving a precious glimpse of human drama, full of psychological poignancy as parts of a famous director's film.

The fifth artist earned her degree in painting from the Kansas university school of fine arts. Because she paints in her own interpretive style of realism, she is able to provide the viewer with a feeling of the atmosphere not to mention the mood of the subject. She has had numerous one person shows, has participated in juried exhibitions and in the Kansas landscape, a traveling exhibition shown at the Smithsonian institution in Washington,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], DC.

It was the sixth artist who culminated her study of art and refinement of painting skills after studying Chinese brush painting with a noted Chinese painter for eight years. Adapted to the northern New Mexican environment by her was this style of painting, lifted or erased during creation. As mentioned by the director of the museum, they are honored to welcome these distinguished artists from the society of watercolorists to the museum and their commitment to artists and designers working showing up was reiterated as well.

Specially selected for the pleasure of audiences both young and old is the current animal friends exhibition. As the artists create portraits of their own special animal friends,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the visitors will surely enjoy the workshop. It was the society of watercolorists that was founded in 1992 and its mission is to encourage the production and appreciation of professional quality watercolors locally and nationally.

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